Dear audience, music and concert lovers,

The new concert season has started and, although it is still unknown when will the big concerts begin, with help from supporters of our music, good organization, and the will to overcome this strange period, we managed to actually have a great summer full of music and magical moments.

We didn´t post any quarantine Videos or every day new Live- Streams from our living room, because we believe that this kind of music can only be performed live on stage, where energy, and contact with you – our audience, makes everything special, and that no recordings, which are quite popular on social networks today, and perhaps will be already forgotten by tomorrow, can replace that.

But we stayed active, and you can see here on our web site what we did until now.

We would like you to be tuned in because we would like to inform you about new exciting projects which we started with various colleagues. We were very creative in this period.

You can also follow us on FB: @duo.classique.all and also check our calendar for the new concerts and events because we have a lot planned for this season.

We hope that you are healthy and that we can see you at the concert halls soon. Remember, only by staying positive we are strong and can survive these unusual times!

Love you,

your Duo Classique- ALL